JONSSON workwear

Jonsson Core Workwear

100% Cotton Denim & Polycotton Conti-Suits for Workers

work-jacket CJ77J
Work Trousers CP77P

Work Trousers CP77P

Short Sleeve Work Jacket CJSS

Short Sleeve Work Jacket CJSS

Dustcost DC99

Dustcost DC99

Two Tone Work Jacket CJ77J

Jonsson Hi Viz Rainsuits

Waterproof Rainwear Jackets & Pants – Rain Gear for Men

extra-strength-rainsuit RW100
hi-viz-rainsuit-with-reflective-tape RW100T

Jonsson High Visibility Clothing

Triple Stitched, Fluorescent Safety Clothing with Reflective Tape

reflective-work-jacket-trousers CJ77HT & CP77HT
100-cotton-denim-reflective-work-jacket-trousers CJ77HT & CP77HT
100-cotton-reflective-work-jacket CJ87HT & CP87HT
two-tone-reflective-work-jacket-trousers CJ33J & CP33P
vented-long-sleeve-reflective-shirt MSVENT


Jonsson Legendary Khakis

South Africa’s Best Safari Bush Wear, Vented Fishing Shirts

legendary-long-short-sleeve-khaki-work-shirts LKSHTS & LKSHTL
legendary-long-short-multi-pocket-cargo-pants LKCSHT & LKCPNT
legendary-hat-cap-vest LHAT & LCAP & LKVEST
legendary-work-jacket LKJKT
quick-dry-vented-fishing-shirt-vented-long-sleeve-shirt WFSHTL & WFSHTL

Jonsson Image Clothing

Golf T Shirts & Jeans – Casual Work Clothes for Staff Uniforms

denim-short-long-sleeve-work-shirts LKSHTS & LKSHTL
plain-and-two-tone-short-sleeve-work-shirts MSS702 & MSS33
plain-and-two-tone-ultimate-golfer JGSHT & JGSHT
100-original-t-shirt JTSHT
cargo-work-shorts CARGOS

Jonsson Combat Clothing

Military, Paramedic & Security Guard Uniforms – Shirts & Cargo Trousers

light-weight-short-sleeve-combat-shirt CSHIRT
short-sleeve-combat-shirt CSHIRT
combat-trousers CPANT

Jonsson Women’s Workwear

Ladies Conti Suits, Work Shirts, Jackets & Pants

womens-skirt LSKT
womens-work-jacket LCJKT
womens-work-skirt-trousers LSKIRT & CPANT
womens-long-sleeve-work-shirt LLSBLS
womens-plain-two-tone-short-sleeve-work-shirt LSSBLS

Jonsson Winter Workwear

Body Warmer, Polar Fleece Vest, Oxford Nylon, & Parka Jackets

oxford-jacket J608
parka-jacket-half-zip-jersey (WR033)
plain-two-tone-long-sleeve-fleece-jacket WR004
polar-fleece-quilted-body-warmers WR009
reflective-oxford-reflective-high-viz-oxford-jackets J608HT & WR010

Jonsson Specialised Workwear

Protective Flame Retardant & Acid Resistant Reflective Conti-Suits

premium mining coveralls BESUIT & BPSUIT
mining coveralls MESUIT
plain-reflective-flame-retardant-work-jackets CJ87F & CJ77JT
plain-reflective-flame-retardant-work-trousers CP87FP & CP77PT
plain-reflective-acid-resistant-work-jackets CJ77J & CJ77JT


Jonsson Business Clothing

Company Apparel – Corporate Blouse, Cardigan, Pullover – Skirt & Chinos

mens-cotton-rich-long-short-sleeve-shirt OSHRTL & OSHRTS
mens-poly-cotton-long-short-sleeve-shirt OSHRTL & OSHRTS
mens-poly-cotton-long-short-sleeve-shirt-black OSHRTL & OSHRTS
mens-twill-chinos-cotton-chinos OCHINOP & OCHINOC
mens-sleeveless-long-sleeve-pullovers OPVRSS & OPVRLS

Jonsson Hospitality Clothing

Domestics Housekeeping Canteen, Industrial Housecoats, Pinafore Dress, Hotel, Restaurant, Kitchen & Catering – Chefs Beanies, Baggies & Aprons, HACCP Food Safety Compliant Uniforms – Abattoirs, Packers, Processors, Hospitals

womens-3-piece-set TPMSET
womens-pinafore-canteen-house-coat PIN & HCL
industrial-housecoat HCHBR
half-full-apron AP7 & AP295
deli-cap-doek DOEK & DELI

Jonsson Footwear

Chelsea Boots, Safety Shoes & PVC Gumboots with STC Steel Toe Cap

chelsea-boots JN506 & JN006
sydney-boot-atlanta-shoe JN003 & JN002
beijing-shoe-london-shoe JN005 & JN004
maseru-boot-maseru-shoe JN008 & JN007
x370-boot JN00181

Jonsson Accessories

High Viz Caps & Hats, Webbing & Leather Belts, Gumboot Socks


Jonsson Sizing Guides

actual body measurements to determine correct garment size


Email LA Casual (authorised Jonsson distributor) to request full pricelist and a manufacturers hardcopy catalogue.   Please request special discount prices on high volume orders.